Our Top 5 Asheville Recommendations

Here are a few of our favorite things to see and do in & around Asheville.
Some are well know, some not so well known. Have a look around as we continue to add photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order.

1. Chilling on Mount Mitchell

Asheville Space Ship Girl on Mount Mitchell

It’s a pleasant Blue Ridge Parkway drive, and a great nearby getaway. Sometimes we don’t hike, we may drive up just to grab a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich (extra cheese option) and tomato bisque, read a book or soak up the mountain skyline. Yeah, sometimes we hike or explore further along the parkway – sometimes we just BE-lax a while in a gorgeous spot.

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2. Junking in Asheville

Okay, well “junking” may sound low-brow, but that’s what we’ve called it since we had a retro/mid-century-mod booth at an antique mall in Huntsville a while back. By junking, we mean hitting some of the best antique, thrift stores, consignment shops, and fleas around, and “treasure hunting”.  TheTobacco Barn, Oddfellows, Restoration Station, Ect Consignment, and the excellent monthly Flea For Y’all in warmer months are always entertaining and sometimes fruitful. We’ll share more tidbits about this fav activity in upcoming posts on Our Asheville Guide.

Mod Asheville Treehouse likes Asheville Flea For Y'all

The always eclectic Asheville Flea For Y’all is the last Sunday of the month, May through October, and they also have a Holiday Flea in December. When we are in town the last weekend of the month, we don’t miss it. Often run into friends there, and usually come home with some unusual or funky treasure.

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3. Farm to Table Fare

Dining in Asheville offers many sustainable and healthy options. We love so many farm to table menu items in most all of the independent restaurants. And the tailgate farmers markets around town are fun, and offer tasty treats on the spot, as well as produce, fresh eggs and meats to take home as ingredients if you enjoy cooking at home. The North Asheville Farmers Market on the edge of the UNCA campus is walkable from the ModAvlTreehouse, and has been operating since 1980.

The North Asheville Farmers Market hours are 8am-Noon during warmer months. We usually get up and browse the length of it for coffee and a fresh baked pastry for breakfast – or a fabu meal at Cecilia’s food truck. People-watch, take in a tune or two if live music is going on, and bring home some ingredients as inspiration to create a meal at home kicks in. Highly recommended!

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4. Downtown Bookstores

A good day for me is often made better if it includes some downtime browsing books. A frozen coffee concoction at Malaprops or a glass of wine and a treat at the Battery Park Book Exchange is right up my alley. 

Asheville Space Ship Girls and ModAvlTreehouse like Malaprops Bookstore

I enjoy the vast variety of used books at the Battery Park Book Exchange, and the nooks/crannies for seating and meeting with friends. And I love the light and colors in the space, the cafe’, and curated staff favorites at Malaprops. It’s difficult to chose a favorite – they’re both favs!

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5. Sunny Point Cafe

Our first Asheville home was in West Asheville, near the West End Bakery, Westville Pub, Digable Pizza (we miss you!), Universal Joint, and walkable if we wanted a wee hike, to Sunny Point and Lucky Otter (gonna miss this place too!). Obviously, we’ll be highlighting a number of food and foodie spots that we love in Our Asheville Guide posts over time. Selecting our next meal is an everyday enjoyable event in Asheville. And we will have tips and suggestions for avoiding or minimizing crowds.

There’s many eating establishments that have blossomed in West Asheville since we moved to North Asheville in 2012. We head to WAvl often to eat. And while lines may pile up at Biscuit Head (don’t quite get that), Sunny Point is probably our fav on that side of town for any meal (and breakfast served all day). 

Tip: for any breakfast in town, get up and toss on clothes, and head over for first seating. Take break for a shower afterwards before striking out for your day. You won’t regret it, and won’t look outa place. Put on a hat if bed-head bothers you too much – you’ll fit right in with the locals. The tourists don’t typically do this.

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