Blue Ridge Parkway

Craggy Gardens National Park (19mi from the ModAvlTreehouse, at Milepost 367.6) is gorgeous in the Spring when the mountain laurels are in bloom. It’s a great place for a pretty hike and picnicking. Further along to the North, Mt Mitchell State Park is the highest peak east of the Mississippi (31 miles from the ModAvlTreehouse, at Milepost 355.4). We recommend trying the tomato bisque and grilled cheese (upgrade to extra cheese) at the Mt Mitchell State Park Restaurant.  

The Pisgah Inn and dining hall is 27 miles to the South along the Blue Ridge Parkway, at Milepost 408.7. Pisgah dining is a bit pricier, and waits can be a bit longer, but the views and the drive (and the food) are worth it. If you don’t feel up to the wait at the inn to eat, keep on going South and descend past Looking Glass Falls, and try Jaime’s Creole Brasserie in downtown Brevard (delicious!).

With amazing views, rock tunnels, hiking trails and waterfalls along the way whichever direction you choose! Beautiful any season, but portions of the BRP are closed to driving in the winter.

Sliding Rock (Milepost 413) is fun for all ages. Slide down a natural, 60-foot rock water slide into a refreshing, seven-foot-deep pool at the bottom. Note: the water is brisk and chilly! Lines are sometimes long, when the weather is hot and sunny, so maybe try it on an overcast or even slightly rainy day? I mean, you’d get wet anyhow, and with a shorter line, can slip and slide more times.