Asheville Food & Drink

Dining in Asheville

With over 250 independent restaurants, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We love sampling all of it: Fine and casual dining, International cuisines, Brunches, Tacos, Tapas, Bistros, Bakeries, Doughnuts, Gastro pubs, amazing all-day breakfast menus, Award Winning Chefs, BBQ, Chocolatiers, and Food Trucks. Asheville Independent Restaurants has a handy member restaurant locator, as a starting point to skipping chains for local fare. 

The Asheville Foodie Community ( provides excellent guidance to the food scene in Asheville. We certainly have our favorites that we tend to frequent – but their posts continually challenge me to branch out and suggest new places we’ve not tried yet when making plans with friends. I always take notice – and often share – their posts (and articles that they share) on our ModAvlTreehouse FB page. Check out their youtube video below. Yum!

Beer City USA

 Starting with Oscar Wong’s Highland Brewing in 1994, the local microbrew scene has grown to include 26 craft breweries in Asheville, AB Tech even offers an Associates of Applied Science degree in Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation! 

The first microbrew taps we tried on our first trip in 2003, were Greenman’s, along with the excellent food and live music at Jack of the Wood on Patton Ave. Later our first nextdoor neighbor was a regional rep for Highland. We’ve enjoyed knowing the creative director at Wicked Weed and occasionally sampling their sour brews. And walking down to Asheville Pizza and Brewing for a pint, a pizza, and a movie from our former home next door to the ModAvlTreehouse (we have to drive now… :-/).

Asheville won (or tied as) Beer City USA for four years – this designation ended a few years ago, but we’re still pleased there’s a great variety of pints to try alongside the fabulous food here. Most brewery tasting rooms have built up to include some great pub grub and several have live music as well. 

Uber and Lyft drivers are active around town, and there’s an Asheville ART bus stop downhill from the ModAvlTreehouse at Larchmont/Merrimon Ave (till 10pm), so it’s easy to get back home if a high gravity brew sneaks up on you.